PVDF or polyvinylidene fluoride coatings are based on a mixture of polyvinylidene fluoride and acrylic resins.

Its self-cleaning properties and low frictional coefficient makes A-PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) a top performance coating that can be applied on panelling for outdoor applications.

This makes it the top performance paintwork for the building sector, offering great flexibility, extremely good resistance to chalking, and gloss and colour fastness.

  • Support: aluminium, steel
  • Applications: outdoor

Technical features

Thickness22 - 40*EN 13523-1 (ECCA T1)
Gloss**EN 13523-2 (ECCA T2)
Pencil hardnessHB - HEN 13523-4 (ECCA T4)
Adhesion on impact100%EN 13523-5 (ECCA T5)
Adhesion on forming100%EN 13523-6 (ECCA T6)
T.B. Adherence at 25° C0T - 1T***EN 13523-7 (ECCA T7)
T.B. Cracking at 25° C0T - 2T***EN 13523-7 (ECCA T7)
MEK> 100EN 13523-11 (ECCA T11)
* greater thicknesses available on request
** see table below
*** according to the characteristics of the support
1 (opaque)0 - 20+/- 5 units
2 (semi-opaque or semi-opaque)21 - 40+/-7 units

2 degreasings + chrome-free passivation

PRIMER FOR PVDF: 4 - 5 microns
TOP COAT PVDF: 18 - 22 microns
or PRIMER PVDF: 10 microns
BASE COAT PVDF: 15 microns
TOP COAT PVDF: transparent 12 microns

BACK COAT: foamable 4 - 6 microns
or BACK COAT: matching colour 12 - 14 microns
Coating used: compliant with RoHS directive


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