The painted metal atelier

The painted metal atelier


For over 40 years, Alusteel Coating has been an atelier for the continuous liquid coating of aluminium and steels, offering an endless variety of colors and finishes able to meet the market’s every request.

We are an outstanding manufacturing partner for the most complex and innovative design challenges.

Our work is an integral part of the product and service quality concept, largely thanks to a highly specialized work team.

custom precoating
for your every need

verniciatura possibile
su ogni metallo

Non solo alluminio e acciai: la nostra expertise nel mondo del coil coating ci consente di poter verniciare qualunque tipologia di metallo. Per rispondere alle necessità di ogni nostro cliente.




our coating cycles

Alusteel Coating’s aluminium sheets and coated steel are used in the construction and industrial sectors, offering an effective, revolutionary solution for architectural façade coverings, industrial roofing and components for home appliances and cars, and giving each end product a highly innovative look, in addition to the clear advantages connected with the mechanical characteristics.

Thanks to the wide range of coating systems and the various finishing techniques, Alusteel Coating is able to offer a virtually endless variety of semi-finished products.

Polyester coating products are characterized by mixed polymer binders comprising oil free polyester and amino resins.

> Support: aluminium, galvanized steel
> Applications: indoor, outdoor



Polyamide coatings are distinguished by having polyamide polymer powders dispersed inside the paint.

> Support: aluminium, steel
> Applications: outdoor



These products are based on a characteristically wrinkled polyester resin.

> Support: aluminium, steel
> Applications: outdoor



A-Poliuretanico paint offers a coating with the same performance as polyester paint, but with greater elasticity.

> Support: aluminium, steel
> Applications: outdoor


PVDF or polyvinylidene fluoride coatings are based on a mixture of polyvinylidene fluoride and acrylic resins.

> Support: aluminium, steel
> Applications: outdoor



Super-polyester paintwork is characterized by an extremely high resistance to solar radiation.

> Support: aluminium, galvanized steel
> Applications: outdoor



Lumiflon is a coating variety containing fluorinated resins, which give rolled metals excellent resistance to atmospheric agents and chemical resistance, with equal adhesion to the metal base material as PVDF paint but a higher level of gloss.

> Support: aluminium, steel
> Applications: outdoor



A-Poligreen is the result of the partnership between our knowhow technology and the innovative capacity of Salchi Metalcoat, which has produced Biomoco®, the sustainable and “smart” paint generated from raw materials from renewable sources.

> Support: aluminium, steel
> Applications: indoor, outdoor



our collections

Our products are Collections, which are the result of our mission to provide a precise, high-quality service, tailored to each customer’s needs.

All over the world our case histories attest to the competence, know-how and creativity we have developed over the years and translated into numerous projects.

We offer wide range of solutions, from Classic and Premium pre-painted or anodized aluminium products to highly customized and diversified On-demand processing and finishes.

a product of excellence, partner of design projects

Thanks to our products, we are able to meet design requirements in the supply of pre-painted metals for numerous industrial sectors.

Our objective is to prove ourselves as reliable, competent partners, capable of providing our customers with a flexible, high-quality service that ranges from consultancy to the supply of materials and after-sales support.

Architecture and Design

For avant-garde and customized projects linked to environmental sustainability.

Home appliances

All the colours you could wish for your appliances.


A complete range of finishes and textures for the automotive world.


Big ships and small boats: a colour explosion.


We develop solutions for a large number of other industrial applications, in collaboration with our customers.

a certified sustainable
business model

We have always been committed to guaranteeing the highest standards to make our business model increasingly sustainable.

Consistently with our Integrated Policy, we have implemented a Quality Management System in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and an Environmental Management System in accordance with UNI EN ISO 14001:2018, as well as an Occupational Health and Safety Management System in accordance with UNI ISO 45001:2018.

ISO 9001
ISO 14001
ISO 45001




we build
our planet’s future

We work with aluminium and steel, recyclable and sustainable materials par excellence. This allows us to save 95% of the energy necessary to produce new material.

Cost savings and environmental protection are enhanced through the use of alternative energy sources, recycling of paints, recovery of energy used in production, wastewater resource recovery and reduction of production waste.


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