A-Antigraffiti is our Premium Collection product designed to shield beauty.

This is a particularly innovative solution based on the application of a layer of smooth paint onto an underlying metal to prevent adhesion of spray paint and indelible markers.

A-Antigraffiti is the outcome of our technology based on PVDF polyvinyl fluoride resins combined with additives that provide considerable advantages, making it the perfect choice for protecting facades and roofing over time.

A-Antigraffiti makes it possible to preserve the durability and looks of painted surfaces, maintaining the gloss and luminosity of metal unchanged, thus making it "eternally beautiful".

  • Support: aluminium, steel
  • Guarantee: up to 20 years
  • Applications: outdoor, indoor

Technical features

Thickness34 - 40 µmEN 13523-1 (ECCA T1)
Gloss*EN 13523-2 (ECCA T2)
Pencil hardnessHB - FEN 13523-4 (ECCA T4)
Adhesion on impact100%EN 13523-5 (ECCA T5)
Adhesion on forming100%EN 13523-6 (ECCA T6)
T.B. Adherence at 25° C0T - 1T**EN 13523-7 (ECCA T7)
T.B. Cracking at 25° C0T - 2,5T**EN 13523-7 (ECCA T7)
MEK> 100EN 13523-11 (ECCA T11)
Acetic acid salt spray1500 HEN 13523-8
1 (semi-lucida)30 / 50+/-7 units
2 (lucida)51 / 79+/- 8 unità
3 (full gloss)>/= 80Minimo 80
* acceptability requirements
**dependent on the characteristics of the support material
2 degreasings + chrome-free passivation
PRIMER PVDF: 9 - 11 microns
BASE PVDF: 14 - 16 microns
BACK COAT: 4 - 6 microns or MONOCOUCHE14-16microns

A-Antigraffiti is born out of an innovative technology developed by our R&D for coil-coating, with the aim of protecting and preserving durability and beauty, while maintaining the gloss and luminosity of surfaces (like facades) unchanged over time.

A-Antigraffiti provides a virtuous combination of PVDF polyvinyl fluoride resins and additives capable of forming a smooth paint surface on the underlying metal, thus preventing adhesion of materials like spray paint and indelible markers.

Based on PVDF paint technologies, we are able to supply our customers with a vast range of colours, including metallic and pearled effects.

Cleaning Instructions
Graffiti applied on a painted surface using spray paint or indelible pens can easily be removed with cold water and a non-abrasive cloth or sponge***. The cleaning process can be further improved using water cleaning machines. For small damaged areas, rubbing with alcohol is also recommended. The use of chemical detergents is not required or recommended: A-Antigraffitti was designed to avoid the use of such products.

*** The graffiti must be removed within 72 hours of application. Exposure to UV radiation increases adhesion to the painted surface


Coil widthmin. 500 mm · max. 1.320 mm
Coil thickness min. 0,3 mm · max. 1,5 mm
External coil diameter min. 700 mm · max. 1.300 mm
Internal coil diameter 508 mm; 610 mm
Strip width min. 20 mm


  • Excellent external seal: in excess of RUV4 pursuant to EN 10162-2
  • Optimum flexibility
  • Optimum chemical resistance and easy cleaning
  • Recommended in particular for protecting architectural facades
  • Suitable for industrial contexts and exposure to strong solar radiation
  • Enables easy removal of inexpensive spray paint, adhesive labels, and indelible markers (without requiring special products)
  • No permanent damage to the appearance and performance of the painted surface


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