A-Gluing is our Premium Collection product that gives metal certain characteristics of PVC.

With this advantage, A-Gluing is widely used in the automotive market, in particular for interior and exterior components, areas where PVC plastic materials are widely used, since they are inexpensive and light.

sono particolarmente utilizzate, perché più economiche e più leggere.

With guaranteed high performance (minimal corrosion, design freedom, flexible integration of components, safety, comfort, potential recyclability and compostability), today plastic materials make up about 20% of the weight of cars.

Thanks to a special treatment, A-Gluing can recreate the effects of PVC on metal, while significantly improving on its performance.

  • Support: aluminium
  • Applications: vehicles, product for gluing

Technical features

Thickness6 + / - 1 µmEN 13523-1 (ECCA T1)
Gloss> 90EN 13523-2 (ECCA T2)
Pencil hardnessN.A.EN 13523-4 (ECCA T4)
Adhesion on impactN.A.EN 13523-5 (ECCA T5)
Adhesion on formingN.A.EN 13523-6 (ECCA T6)
T.B. Aderenza a 25° C*N.A.EN 13523-7 (ECCA T7)
T.B. Fessurazione a 25° C*N.A.EN 13523-7 (ECCA T7)
MEKN.A.EN 13523-11 (ECCA T11)
* according to the characteristics of the support
2 degreasings + chrome-free passivation
TOP: 5 - 7 microns
BACK COAT: 5 - 7 microns
Coating used: compliant with RoHS Directive

A-Gluing is the result of a production process including application of a polyurethane paint that gives the metal higher performance than PVC, the most versatile and best known plastic material.

Thanks to this advantage, the product is widely used in the automotive market, in particular for the production of internal and external components (roof racks, dashboards, instrument dial frames, etc.).

The qualitative excellence of A-Gluing has allowed the product to be included in the IMDS (International Material Data System), the international system of data on materials of the automotive industry, a global standard used by the main OEMs in the world in order to satisfy the obligations imposed on car manufacturers, and therefore on their suppliers, by national and international rules, laws and regulations.



Coil widthmin. 500 mm · max. 1.320 mm
Coil thickness min. 0,3 mm · max. 1,5 mm
External coil diameter min. 700 mm · max. 1.300 mm
Internal coil diameter 508 mm; 610 mm
Strip width min. 20 mm


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