This finish creates a rich, three-dimensional texture: light and shadow multiply, while roughness and smoothness make the metal surface alive and responsive to the touch.


It combines the advantages of metal with the attractiveness of wood in its various finishes. Wood is a noble material that symbolizes the cycle of life.


It is inspired by titanium zinc. Titanium is characterized by its extremely high strength and it is an important element in modern architecture.


It is the result of a special treatment using polyurethane paints specifically designed to make the coated materials look like antique copper.


Attractive, tough, enduring over time, with a contemporary elegance, stone provides traditional allusions while also offering significant creative opportunities.


It gives metal some particular antimicrobial properties. It is widely used in public spaces subject to heavy density of people.


Galvanization is widely used on facades, especially in the Nordic countries, and it has been adopted by famous starchitects, in primis Frank O. Gehry, the extremely famous creator of works like the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao.


It is the result of a pre-painting production process involving the application of polyester paints on aluminium support materials to achieve a finished appearance similar to copper.


It is the ideal choice for providing long term protection for facades and roofing. It is particularly prized in metal architecture for its excellent colour fastness and extended durability.


The product is the result of a production process including application of a polyurethane paint that gives the metal higher performance than PVC, the most versatile and best known plastic material.


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