A-Corten is our Premium Collection product specifically developed to provide an unequalled material for its variety and consistency.

As an expression of the passage of time, A-Corten was developed to satisfy the needs of the architecture and design worlds, in order to create environments that can be “worn” day to day, as promoted in the works of Alberto Burri and Roberto Silvestri, both real material artists.

So, with A-Corten our pre-painted metal Atelier can offer solutions for every need, with great flexibility, which in turn creates a kaleidoscope of chromatic effects, inexorably linked to the passage of time, and always open to characterization with your own customizations.

  • Support: aluminium, steel
  • Colours available: light, dark
  • Guarantee: up to 10 years
  • Applications: outdoor, indoor

Technical features

Thickness29 - 34 µm**EN 13523-1 (ECCA T1)
Gloss5 ± 3EN 13523-2 (ECCA T2)
Pencil hardnessF - HEN 13523-4 (ECCA T4)
Adhesion on impact100%EN 13523-5 (ECCA T5)
Adhesion on forming100%EN 13523-6 (ECCA T6)
T.B. Adherence at 25° C0T - 1T*EN 13523-7 (ECCA T7)
T.B. Cracking at 25° C0T - 2,5T*EN 13523-7 (ECCA T7)
MEK> 100EN 13523-11 (ECCA T11)
* according to the characteristics of the support
** the measured thickness (DFT) is apparent
2 degreasings + chrome-free passivation
BASE: PUR brown 14 - 16 microns
INK: 1 - 2 microns
TOP TRANSPARENT: super-PE wrinckled 14 - 16 microns
BACK COAT: 6 ± 1 microns
or MONOCOUCHE 14 -16 microns
UV Radiation Resistance Category: RUV3
Coating used: compliant with RoHS Directive

A-Corten emerges from a pre-painting production process using polyester paints, which achieve a convincing effect like that of Corten steel.

Its main characteristic is excellent corrosion resistance against atmospheric agents, because its natural oxidization process stops with time and without extending inside, forming an effective protective patina.

The material is highly prized in the architectural and design worlds, with its warm oxidized colour shades that develop on the surface. It is ideal for countless indoor and outdoor aesthetic compositions, thanks to an unusual “rusty elegance” that gives the impression of being “well-used” and marked with the signs of time.

Given that Corten is very easily soiled and not very workable, our solution achieves an optimum balance between looks and functionality.

The support base can be aluminium or steel and the product is recommended for all uses both interior and exterior, with a 10 year corrosion guarantee.

The production cycle is unable to guarantee any Delta E value, although different runs can certainly be used together. 


Coil widthmin. 500 mm · max. 1.320 mm
Coil thickness min. 0,3 mm · max. 1,5 mm
External coil diameter min. 700 mm · max. 1.300 mm
Internal coil diameter 508 mm; 610 mm
Strip width min. 20 mm


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